Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Things to Take Care While Shipping A Car Overseas

Rules for a shipping vehicle overseas vary from country to country. So if you are relocating to another country, you must be well acquainted with the custom rules followed there. Normally people have a requirement of shipping their car abroad, either when they are transferred or get a new job opportunity in some other country.
Shipping anything overseas needs a lot of expertise, so you must hire an international car shipping company and avoid doing it on your own. These companies can efficiently handle the customs and can prepare the car for shipping. Once hired, the shipping company takes full responsibility of getting your car to the other side safe and sound. They are aware of the customs as well as extra charges that can be levied by the destination country, like off loading fees and document fees. In some countries you are bound to pay taxes and import duties. But you need not worry, if you have hired an experienced shipping company.
Choose the right option for shipping
There are a lot of ways to ship your car abroad. You can choose the one that suits your requirement as well as the budget. You can either ship your car by road or by sea. If money is not a constraint, you can rent exclusive container shipping for shipping your car.
Select the shipping service
Many International shipping companies provide door to door shipping services. However they also port to door, port to port and door to port shipping services. You may choose the one that is suitable to your budget. In door to door shipping service the hired authorities will manage the whole process of loading your car from your home and delivering it to your new home.
Preparing the car for shipping
Gas is highly inflammable substance. Do not ship your car with excess fuel in it, as it may pose a threat to the whole consignment. Make sure that the tank of your vehicle must be filled up with a quarter of its capacity, for moving the car in the transition. Clean the car inside out. Remove everything from the car which is removable. The shipping company won’t compensate for lost or stolen goods from inside the car. Try to identify scratches while washing the car. Click photographs from all the angles, especially focusing on the existing damages.
You must also inspect the car on its arrival in the destination company, to verify any damage during transit. You will need a whole lot of documents in order to clear customs in the destination country. It is better to rely on a reputable international shipping country, as they not only take the responsibility of custom clearance but also take care of claims for any damage.


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