Friday, May 4, 2012

Snowbirds are flocking to auto transport to move their vehicles home for the summer.

It’s that time of year again when tens of thousands of shippers, whom we affectionately call
, are migrating back up north for the summer. Now more than ever snowbirds are choosing auto transport to help get them there. Auto transport helps snowbirds in three ways.
#1 Cost Savings
Auto transport tends to be slightly less expensive when you consider all the costs of driving and moving back and forth. On average snowbirds can save up to $200 when shipping their vehicle and then flying to their destination.

#2 Conveniences is Key
Long drives are always a pain, especially when it’s multiple times per year. Auto transport allows you to arrive at your destination stress free and at your own pace.
#3 Safety Matters
In the US, there are an average 6.5 million auto accidents per year, with a 46% injury rate. This translates to around one crash every 4.8 seconds. Choosing to ship your car vs driving helps to assure the safety of snowbirds and their vehicles.
Snowbirds all tend to move to primarily two or three areas in the south during winter months and to multiple locations in the north during summer. Here is a list of common and very inexpensive auto shipping lanes for snowbirds.


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