Sunday, May 13, 2012

Open Carrier vs. Enclosed Carrier

With the market booming, there is more need than ever for quality shipping options. Whether your car is in Alaska or Hawaii, California or Texas, if you need your car shipped, a premium car shipping option is necessary. With so many companies competing for your car shipping business, it is important to gather the facts before deciding on what option is best for moving your vehicle. While competitive instant quotes can help this process along, knowing exactly what you are paying for beforehand is your best chance to find the right deal.

One of the most basic pieces of knowledge is the type of shipping available. Basically, there are two types of car shipping options: Open Carrier Shipping and Enclosed Carrier Shipping. Open Shipping is by far the most typical because of its affordability. In this manner of transport, automobiles are arranged on an open air truck. Having several vehicles (sometimes up to ten!) moved at once drives the prices down, however then open-air nature of this shipping does have risks (albeit minimal ones). The alternative to Open Shipping is Enclosed Carrier Shipping. This is the more expensive option but gains points due to the safety afforded the vehicle throughout the transport process: the car is contained within four walls for the duration of the shipping. In this fashion, fewer cars can be shipped and thus the price goes up. Enclosed Carrier Shipping is often chosen for those moving antique or higher priced automobiles.

When selecting the car shipping business you want to use, remember, information is power. Take the time to read up so that you can find the best means to ship your car at a great price!


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