Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Careers in Auto Transport Services

Truck Driver
The driver for an auto transport company works for a fleet owner that, in turn, works with a broker or individual company to actually perform the auto shipping service. It is important to remember that being an auto shipping truck driver is a much more physical job than most other types of truck drivers.
 Car Shipping Dispatcher
The dispatcher of an auto transport company is often a position filled by an experienced customer service representative or truck driver. While the truck drivers simply drive the routes that they are given, the dispatcher is responsible for securing the service and planning it efficiently with the drivers or hauler fleet companies.
 Customer Service Representative
A customer service representative in the auto shipping industry is an important part of the process as they deal directly with the customer to secure their order and help them find discounts or special deals on their order. A customer service representative must also be able to answer questions about their company and the industry itself when a customer asks.
 Diesel Mechanic
A diesel mechanic is a very important member of any auto shipping team. These professionals make sure that all of the haulers used by an auto shipping company are in good running order and ready to perform a shipment.
 Fleet Owner
Owning a fleet of auto shipping haulers or ships can be an excellent way to earn a return on your investment by leasing your vehicles to auto shipping brokers or drivers. This position is usually a self employment opportunity that requires a large initial investment for a return over time.


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