Sunday, April 8, 2012

Words of Wisdom for your Car Transport

Car transport doesn’t have to be a hassle. In fact, there are many things you can do to ensure that it will turn out as smooth as possible. Many companies in the industry will utilize agents to help ship the vehicles. When you are investigating the mode of auto transport, it is good measure to ask the company if they will be using an agent. If the respond with a yes, you will want to ensure that the agent is insured. An appropriate response will include the actual certificate of the agent. This will ensure that the car is covered during the auto transport process. Adequate coverage will not only protect your wallet but it offer peace of mind. It’s already a process not everyone is accustomed to, so make sure that you are protected as much as possible.
Check for auto transport licensing and insurance.
Another advisable tactic with car transport is to add some sort of supplemental insurance. Many companies will not include the coverage of personal items left in the car or smaller damage such as a windshield due to road debris. This will be entirely up to you wither it is something that is required during car transport. Many people feel comfortable with the included coverage while others would like the extra assurance. You will be the judge of what is best for your situation.
Use an auto transport broker.
An additional method is to use a broker for your car transport. A broker will arrange the entire process for you, but does not actually own or operate the transportation vehicle. They will contract with the car transporter; ensure insurance, and pick-up and delivery. As with the agents, you will want to make sure the broker is properly insured as well.
Do your homework.
As a general rule of thumb, just do your homework. Don’t thumb someone in the phone book, call, and book. Find out who you are dealing with and what their methods for car transport are and how they keep your car protected during the process.

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