Monday, April 9, 2012

Tips for Moving during the Holidays

Moving during the holidays is not the most convenient time, but moving disrupts routines any time of the year. If you’re scheduled to move over the holidays, celebrating will definitely be different than other years. It may take some extra effort, but you can still make it memorable. No matter which end of the move it falls for you—in your old place or settling into the new house—here are some moving tips:
1.      Acknowledge the sentiment. The holidays trigger all kinds of emotions for people and when you add moving to the mix, there’s a large emotional component to the process. Leaving your old home with its memories can be tough. If you have children, you want to acknowledge that they will be missing their “usual” holiday, but keep an upbeat attitude. You can set the tone.
2.      Maintain some traditions. Involve the whole family in planning some holiday activities. If you normally bake cookies, find a way to make that happen even if you forgot where you packed the cookie sheets! Locate holiday decorations when packing your old house and be sure to set aside a box, including ornaments, wrapping paper, etc. If you normally put up a tree, make room for a small one with a few decorations.
3.      Plan some outings. Plan some time away from those moving boxes. Drive around the neighborhood to look at lights and decorations, go to a holiday craft fair or have a holiday meal at a favorite restaurant. If you have extended family you’ll be leaving, make sure to schedule some time with them.
4.      Confirm moving plans. Things get rushed and busy during the holiday season. People take vacations and may be hard to reach. Be sure to call and confirm your move date with the movers or rental truck company. Make sure your utility companies know when to turn off or turn on your utilities.
Don’t forget to sit down, take a few deep breaths and make time to enjoy the holidays!

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