Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to get your household ready for moving long distance

There are a lot of people who are choosing to move out of their current state of residence do to either the desire for the change of environment or simply for a job opportunity. Whatever the reason, long distance moves are not as easy as it sounds so it normally makes sense to hire long distance moving companies. For, unlike a city to city move, long distance moves mean that you would have to plan way ahead of time to be able to move cross country without feeling flustered or frustrated.
When moving long distance, you would more than likely be spending a lot of time packaging your household items to ensure that you do not forget anything. Of equal importance when moving is tying up loose ends with your service providers so that you won’t be stuck paying two bills.
Just a week or two before you move out of state, you should contact the utility company to get them to transfer your bill from one state to the next. Usually to get that done you may have to come up with a down-payment. That down-payment would cover the credibility costs for the next utility company that you subscribe to. Remind the utility company to disconnect your service at the old place when you have moving day confirmed; this would avoid double charges until your name.
Similarly, your telephone and cable services should also be disconnected some three weeks before you move. If you are keeping your telephone and cable services provider, it would be wise forward all your new information to the companies so that they can get your services turned on prior to moving in.
If you have valuable items such as heirlooms or paintings, then you can either hire a professional who is experienced in packing delicate items such as these or you can purchase specific cardboard boxes that are specific for these items and get them done yourself. Following the packing of all your household items in sealed and labeled boxes, you can then get the mail company involved by asking them to change your address to the new address. Usually if you change your address at the USPS website, you would incur a charge of $1 to make complete your mail forwarding.
Remember moving pets and plants can be tricky for a low distance move. If you are driving your vehicle to the new state, you may want to keep the dog with you. However it is not advised that you take along your plants as the Department of Transportation (DOT) forbids it especially since your plant could contain a disease that could contaminate an entire crop when replanted in another state. Similarly, when moving with your pets you can drive cross country with them in the car however don’t expect the inns and bed and breakfast establishments to accommodate your dog; they do not usually do so without an extra fee. An extra fee is also required to fly your pet to the new state as well.
Finally, get help from a few friends so that you can clean up the old place and put it back in order so that when inspection time comes, you would pass it with flying colors and get your security deposit back. Make sure the walls are cleaned, the electric outlets are intact and the floors well mopped and vacuumed. This article was provided as a guest post and was written by FindGoodMovers.com, moving portal for local and long distance movers.

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