Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Enclosed Auto Transport

If you are considering transporting one or more of your vehicles then you’re probably curious about the different services provided.  Many transporters have their own services and offer a variety of them.  One service that not all companies provide, but it’s likely you would prefer, is enclosed auto transport.  Enclosing your vehicle can mean the difference between damages to your vehicle and no damages.  There are many open road elements that can affect your vehicle in a negative way.  Therefore you should only consider transporters that offer this as a service.
If you’re having your vehicle shipped a short distance or a long one, your vehicle is going to be exposed to the elements.  Even short distance travel can result in salted roads damaging paint.  It could also mean exhaust from other vehicles damaging.  Long distance travel is going to open up your vehicle to even more elements.  Imagine a trip across the country.  This trip is going to involve driving through cold weather areas as well as desert sands.  Over time these elements and bad weather could begin to affect your paint job and the parts in your car making it a good idea to always choose enclosed auto shipping.
Most auto transport companies have a phone number potential customers can call to get quotes and ask questions.  If it doesn’t already say on their website, you could call this number and ask if they have enclosed auto transport.  The sign of a quality transportation company is that first person you talk to when you make contact with them.  Good customer service is an indication that a transportation company is going to be quality and protect your vehicle.  This is your first real look into how a transportation company is going to service you.  They should be able to tell you right away if they offer closed trailers.  If they seem rude, vague, intent to sell you something you don’t want or need and they don’t have closed trailers than you may want to seek out another company to ship your vehicle.
Enclosed auto transport is just one way a transportation company can ensure that your vehicle is shipped safely.  Some companies like us offer insurance for the trip.  This insurance is going to mean your vehicle is returned to you in the same condition you sent it off in.  It’s imperative that insurance is taken advantage of.  Avoid companies that do not offer insurance policies for the shipment.  Most companies provide insurance for a cost.  However, some more reputable companies offer insurance for free for their customers.  They can afford to offer insurance for free because they only hire skilled, professional drivers and they use the best equipment.  They also offer enclosed auto transport.  And so, the result is a nearly perfect track record they would risk their own money on.
You may be worried that if your vehicle is inside a closed trailer that it may not be properly secured.  It is okay to ask the transport company what kind of securing process they use when doing enclosed auto transport.  A good company will be happy to answer your question and put you at ease.  It is likely they may even have some options for you such as, stacking and how many other vehicles are in with yours.  Not all companies offer these benefits and services so make sure you inquire about them when you are calling for questions and a free quote.
Maybe you are interested in enclosed auto transport because you have issues with open trailers.  There are many people who are uncomfortable with open trailers.  This is possibly because of the way they look.  They sometimes seem to be dangling cars off the back end.  It’s important that you understand that this is perfectly safe and tried many times.  The way the vehicles are strapped on and secured makes it impossible for them to fall off and cause accidents or damage to the vehicle.  It’s even more likely that if you have an exotic or vintage car you are even more fearful.  It’s recommended for these vehicle types that you choose enclosed auto transport.  Because, not only will it make you more comfortable but it will also keep your precious cargo safer.
Enclosed auto transport is a great option.  Unfortunately, not all transportation companies offer it as a service.  The best way to know if it’s offered or not is to call the transportation company and ask.  This is also a great way to determine what kind of company you’re dealing with.  Their customer service team is a direct reflection on their skills and services so if you’re not greeted with a warm welcome you may be considering the wrong company.  Remember too to get a free quote when you call and also inquire about their insurance policies, practices and ask any other questions you may have.  This is going to ensure you have the best possible outcome with shipping your vehicle.

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