Sunday, February 19, 2012

Planning to transport your vehicle? Already losing your sleep over it? Well it isn’t such a complicated affair after all. Choosing a right transporter can be one of the biggest challenges of all. Even after hiring a transporter you might end up in troubled waters unless you follow some basic guidelines.
Listed below are some guidelines that we believe can take away your transportation worries and ensure a smooth ride for your vehicles

Things to check before you select your transportation service provider
Ø     Ensure your transporter delivers solutions matching your requirements, like covered or uncovered transportation etc.
Ø     Double check for proper insurance, insist on seeing the transporters insurance papers
Ø      Make sure that the transporter complies with all licensing and bond requirements.
Once you zero in on your transporter, the things to do before your vehicle is picked up for transport are
Ø     Keep your vehicle clean and neat. This will also help you to fill up the pickup condition notes accurately.
Ø     Ensure that you do not leave your personal things inside the vehicle. Remember the car companies insurance will not cover such personal goods.
Ø     Keep your gas tank levels at minimum, This also helps to reduce the weight

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