Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mercedes-Benz revealed Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept truck

Mercedes-Benz revealed the Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept truck on Trailer 2011 show in Kortrijk, Belgium. Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept truck was manufactured in cooperation with the Commercial Vehicle Design department. The wind resistance of the truck was reduced by 18 percent, fuel consumption of fuel sysem was reduced virtually five percent and CO2 emissions of the truck also reduced .
The Airdams, trim panels and tapers reduce wind resistance. The front airdam on trailer reduces distance to tractor unit and lowers wind resistance by one percent. The side trim panels contribute eight percent improvement by slightly drawn in at front and characterised by an opening at rear that steers air in direction of striking rear diffuser.

The diffuser links up with underbody panelling which improves the wind resistance by one to two percent. The rear end taper measuring slightly more than 400 mm in length forms a crucial part of the aerodynamic concept. It features folding elements to facilitate access to the load compartment. The rear end taper improves wind resistance by a further seven percent.
The Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept truck features trailers load compartment. The box measuring 13.6 m in length, 2.55 m in width and with an overall height of four metres remains available for freight. The length measurement exceeds the currently permissible limit by half metre due to tail end extension.
The aero trailer is the flagship of new Truck and Trailer 7plus initiative launched by Mercedes-Benz. By taking a holistic approach to tractor unit and trailer it aims to considerably cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


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