Friday, February 24, 2012

Car Transport Quick Tips

Open versus enclosed auto transporters: Open trucks do not have a roof and they usually carry 6-12 trucks on two levels. Since your vehicle is showing to the sun, heat, humidity etc. they are not as exclusive. Enclosed trucks are closed trucks that are expensive for obvious reasons. If your car is an traditional or very expensive, don't hesitate to look at this option. It's the safest way to ship your vehicle.
At the time of pick-up, make sure you look over your car properly. It is good practice to mention existing scratches and any marks on the vehicle in the bill of lading. This way the vehicle condition is noted in writing. Your next crucial step would be to inspect your car again at the time of delivery. If there are any additional scratches that occurred during the journey then you have a legitimate insurance claim against the car transport provider. You will want to have the delivery driver sign off on the bill of lading acknowledging the vehicle damage. Only then will your claim will be considered valid for reimbursement. Taking photographs is also proof positive when making a claim.
There are basically two types of delivery options; door-to-door transport, where the driver will pick up your car from your residence and deliver it to the exact address given or terminal-to-terminal, where you leave your vehicle to be picked up at certain location, usually a storage facility. It is better to choose door-to-door transport since it is more convenient and safe for your vehicle.


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