Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Car Carrier Pick Up Car at Home

Car Shipping Copmanies arrange to have your car picked up at your home or where you work. This is called door-to-door shipping However, there are two instances where scheduling an at-home pickup does not work:
Your street does not permit car carriers on it. This can happen when the street is too narrow or an HOA does not permit vehicles over a certain weight. To deal with this situation, the driver of the car carrier can contact you as he or she nears your location and you can meet at a nearby spot, such as a parking lot, where a car carrier can park.
On the pickup date, you will not be available to meet the car carrier. If you are unable schedule a pick-up for your car while you are still in town, or if you need to use your car until the last minute you are in town, then it can be challenging to get the timing right for a car shipping pick-up. Car Shipping Companies usually need a 3-day window to schedule your pick-up. A good solution in this case is to use terminal-to-terminal shipping.


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