Friday, November 12, 2010

Car transport

If you want to transport rare and expensive cars, you can make use of this method. By using this method, the car would not be exposed to the elements during the transit. This is the reason why the enclosed method is considered as a safe and easy way of car transport. There is only one downside for this; the method is quite expensive.

Then there is yet another car delivery method known as the self transport where you would be the one doing the hauling process. There would not be any help from the auto transporters and therefore if you have not driven a trailer before, you need to be very careful. Before you start the journey, it is better advised to ask for hints and go for test drive on trailers. Usually in self transport you would be renting the trailer from a company. You need to clarify everything and make sure that you are fine with their terms and conditions.

Once you have made a decision regarding the transportation methods, you need to prepare for the process. It is always better to give the company at least four weeks of advance time period for moving the car since they would moving several cars in the same destination and need to arrange everything. Also you need to make sure that the car is insured by the automobile transport service. The car transporters usually check the vehicle for any scratches or dents before hand and would make a report based on the observation. You need to ensure that the car is insured against damage and theft.

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