Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Door to door shipping is much safer

There are two ways of shipping your vehicle: door to door shipping and terminal-to-terminal shipping. In Door to Door shipping, driver will pick up the car from your house. In this type of transport, driver does full inspection of the car before it is picked and after it is delivered. This is done so that customer will know what damages were already done prior to transport and any new damages that have incurred after that. In a bill of lading form all the damages that have already incurred are noted down and after the car is dropped at your door step what are the damages that have incurred during transit are noted. So that the customer can claim damages if any incurred during transit. Door to door shipping is much safer when compared to terminal to terminal shipping because your car is dropped at your door step.

But terminal to terminal shipping is much more dangerous. When you drop your vehicle at the terminal you may be dropping your car at giant fields where cars wait for weeks to be picked up. In terminal to terminal shipping there is no insurance on your vehicle, so people report things missing from their vehicle after it was shipped from the terminal and that’s something that no one wants to go through.

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