Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vehicle transport Plans for Full GPS Carrier Integrations:

vehicle transport believes that the solutions for transport cost reduction and added customer savings is the use of GPS tracking system for truck transport.

The process of monitoring auto shipping through GPS, known also as GPS Tracking System, has proved efficient for over a decade.

GPS tracking offers the possibility of monitoring in real time each truck transports and delivering multiple information connected with the related status of the automobile (speed, location, fuel) along with revised pick-up and delivering schedules.

Tracking helps dispatch monitors and logistic coordinators assist and control carrier routing and shipments lane efficiency. Through the execution of this system, the work procedure of drivers has changed.

There are less divergence of the established routes, fuel consumption and miles covered outside work time. GPS Tracking reduces the premature injure of transporters and dramatically decreases fuel consumption.

As a result, car haulers are spending less capital on maintenance and fuel. These expense reductions will be passed along to the customer with reduced tariffs. Auto Transport plans to have a fully integrated GPS carrier network by fall 2010.

All America Auto Transporter’s extensive carrier network offers a full range of provincial and national less-than-truck load (LTL) and truckload (TL) auto shipments. Added services include open and enclosed vehicle transports with winch and lift gate equipment. The services are fully insured and door-to-door.

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