Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Important Things to be kept in the Car While Driving

It would be better if you have an emergency kit in your car. If you are traveling on a highway in the night and you’re car broke down you cannot do anything. If you carry certain items that are listed below it can prove valuable. Many companies do sell all-in-one roadside kits but drivers are not bothered to buy one. Some of the items that you should have in your car are: Five gallons of water, a quart of oil. Some of the essential tools are pocketknife, pliers, screwdriver and awl combo. Other items include Duct tape, tire gauge, tire inflator products, tire changing gear, ice scrapper etc. For safety purpose carry extra batteries, two flares, cell phone, flashlight etc. Carry a first aid box and water, snacks, matches and blanket.

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