Saturday, February 14, 2009

Why we need car shipping by truck

Car shipping is an economical method of moving your car from one place to another. Car shipping by a truck is a matter of your own timeline, budget and concern over your vehicle. The car shipping by truck arrives safely, quickly, and efficiently to its destination. It protects the car against rain, storm, snow, wind or from any damage during traffic grime. The car comes off the truck exactly the same way it went off. There are two ways of car shipping by truck namely hotshot or pick-up style truck and tractor trailer. If you want to go for cheaper route then tractor trailer is best as it takes more than one car at a time. Hotshots are expensive but deliver your car at your door step and are faster than tractor trailer. It depends on your choice that whether the car should be transported in Open or Enclosed trailers. The other types of Open trailers are single car trailers and multi car trailers. The single car trailers come in two sections; these are flat bed and open. The multi car trailers carry twelve cars therefore take some time with there delivery, although their prices are rather good. Single car trailers are used when we need car quickly, this can be rather costly.

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