Friday, April 13, 2007

How does vehicle transport door-to-door delivery work?

Once your order has been located for auto transported, your auto vehicle shipment will be programmed according to the dates on your order form for to transport door-to-door vehicle like car or auto shipping. After a truck has been assigned for to transport auto shipping, you will get a call either from the truck driver for auto transport shipping or from the flatbed service to facilitate schedule a pick up/delivery time and day. During the pick up of the car the transporter(s) or the shipper(s) will complete a thorough physical inspection of the car, on a bill of lading, which you must sign and acknowledge for shipping vehicle like car or auto. This same examination will be offered upon delivery, with the intention that you can re-inspect the car for any discrepancies after transporting your vehicle like car or auto by transporters or shippers. If any damage did happen during shipment for your most valuable vehicle like car or auto shipping, please be clear in your mind to note it on the bill of lading at the time of delivery and have the driver sign in agreement for shipping your vehicle. No claims will be honored if the damage is not seen at the time of delivery and agreed by the driver after your vehicle shipping.

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